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THE EIGHT VITAL SIGNS: Making Informed Decisions About Your Health Plan, a health care fable written in laymen's terms to provide practical advice on selecting the right health insurance plan.


CORPORATE RULES, a biotech thriller that follows a trail of money, power, and corruption in the global pharmaceutical industry.  

Reader comments:

"Corporate Rules is a well written novel with several twists and turns. I read most of the books by Margolin, Sandford and Lescroart and enjoyed Corporate Rules immensely."

"This is an action-filled page turner that is hard to put down."

"Could the story line actually be happening in the real world - hope not."

COASTAL CONFESSIONS, a Savannah mystery that takes you for a ride with investment banker Jonathon Browning, through the city where good and evil never sleeps.

Reader comments:

"Filled with twists and turns, I couldn't put this book down."

"I loved this book."

"An excellent mystery that delves into deceit and corruption. The story rings true to what can happen when greed and power dictate personal and professional life choices."

Available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle editions.

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